There is something about how simplistic and tranquil Olaf Otto Becker's photographs are, they evoke that feeling of peace that everyone strives to see or be surrounded by in their lives. The Greenland light (where the majority of his photos are taken) is the ideal setting for this minimal heartfelt feeling, helping Olaf to capture every slight movement and crevice that the rugged landscape offered up to him. No doubt as Becker floated around in his rubber dingy, as this was the safest way to navigate the drift ice,  felt this feeling of being at 'one' with the ever-changing ice and rock landsape.

Everytime I look at his images I cannot help but wish that I could one day see such marvels of the natural world, before they disapear; if experts on the subject are to be believed. I would cherish the solidarity every second, moving from place to place without seeing a single person for days and living in the 23hr sunlight admiring what is soon to be none existant.

An inanimate object I suppose.

"I always ask myself what I essentially see, right there, right then. I try to understand what I see. I look for something that speaks by itself without captions. I try to let the landscape speak. I am not interested in things I have already seen. I try to look at something as though my eyes had opened for the first time and I try to understand what I see."

Quote And Photographs By OLAF OTTO BECKER

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