M O V E M E N T S 

 Everyone knows about the subculture movements that have been around in the past, what they arose from and what they stood for on some level. 
But think about it for a second... what the fuck are we living in now, where are we moving, what beliefs are looming or being realised?   

 At present there seems to be a lacklustre laziness amongst the majority of the youth, aspirations yes; but when push comes to shove it seems like it’s ‘easier’ to just be, here lies the problem. It’s ‘easier’, when I say this I am not saying that people don’t question things, in fact almost everything around them they also have their beliefs on it, this is what has changed since the last powerful subcultures died out, the majority of the cultured ‘youth’ now does. However many feel that this is all they need to achieve, to have seen that this thought is wrong and needs to be changed; in their head like ‘ yeah something needs to be done about that...but ahhh well it’s only me I can’t do anything’. We know what we stand for, we know like minded people that think the same yet we feel we cannot change anything; we are being crushed by a democratic society. Create a hype, do something what you believe in whether it is right or wrong (whatever that may be) stand up and collate, this is who we are this is what we believe, like it or fuck off.

Shift and change something, 
re-write what was written or write what was un-written.

The name, well fuck the name as a youth subculture is just a group of people thinking alike doing what they do, let the social masses and media label that some irrelevant and incoherent name so that they can impose their framework in which they can locate your behaviour, let them do it...but fuck it, they weren’t there at the begging there are not ‘in’ it, so they have no idea.

This is simply just a vent of frustration and I really don’t profess to be any expert of psychological, social and physical meanings and actions behind such movements. I just feel like now is the time...everyone seems to have this one goal; then ending up being like fuck it I won’t change anything. However I am also thinking that a movement should not be made for the sake of it, because the time is right and so on It needs to just arrive like a ravaging storm. Then again I think about not agreeing with people imposing views on other people, I have however met a lot of people at present who are like, this isn’t ‘right’, something needs to be done.

Please Somebody Do Something
Question the Questions

It’s late and I took a chunk of time writing this, upon reading it back it really doesn’t make much sense and it seems very hypocritical in some places. Then there are some bits that I just completely disagree with, so yeah it is really just a collection or incoherent thoughts that were firing out...but it still seems relevant, kind of... so fuck it.

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