S P A M O ' L I F E

It is a very strange feeling to be so relaxed that you are almost un-conscious. Just staring and watching, thinking no thoughts, not observing and questioning but viewing through your eyes as if they were just holes in a wall. You very rarely get a chance to be like this, but when you do, you wonder why it is so infrequent; such a distant part of your life, only coming around when you least expect it to. Walking on the bottom of the sea, you cannot hear anyone and they too cannot hear you. The emptiness of your head is like a vast black hole, sucking in everything around you, but you don’t know where the information you have taken in is even going. You are just a passage for the light to go through. It is like the connections between your senses and brain have been temporarily squashed like a hose with a kink. The world going past you as if nothing actually matters, why are you hear, it doesn’t matter. What about this, it is irrelevant; nothing is relevant in this stage other than being in the stage itself.

There are few things on earth that are equal to the feeling you get from doing absolutely nothing, it produces a kind of euphoria that you don’t need to shout about, in fact it doesn’t matter if no one knows as it all means zilch. It is just the moment and the feeling that you have been cleansed, metaphorically. 

There are some people who are unable to turn their brain of in such ways, or they require substances to do so. Everybody sometimes needs these triggers, but I  feel desperately sorry for the people who cannot just turn off, think nothing, not even realizing that you are thinking nothing because you are thinking, of well...nothing. Their heads must just fill up or pointless things, things that get in the way of the important stuff. Spam for the brain…

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