Hiːt - Heɪz

Whilst perhaps trying the weather gods with a title like 'Heat Haze', The Woodmill hosts this series of events throughout August, with the purpose of further introducing audiences, old and new, to the many facets of this recently opened art complex based in Bermondsey, South London.

With a specially commissioned outdoor cinema designed by Giles Round;
South Bermondsey Cinema Dancehall, the programme leads with an exciting mix of film, music, and performance, over four weekends.

Saturdays feature themed events that sprawl across the Woodmill complex with an emphasis upon interactive, immersive and entertaining events, performances and installations.

Sunday's activities congregate in the outdoor auditorium, for an afternoon with invited guests, food, refreshment, and sensory enjoyment. The majority of Heat Haze events are free and open to all audiences from the local and artistic community.

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