This is the debut of Oni Ayhun. It is the first release in an unpredictable and never ending 12″ series on the self-titled label Oni Ayhun Records. OA’s music is (about) drama. OA makes records that combines disturbed dance music on the border to insanity with free dreamy drone stories without a beat. Like a surrealistic musical with a narrative based on associations, abstractions and confusions, the music is a journey through different settings and scenes. Each record features a handmade engraving, unique for each release. OAR001-A, is an attempt to tame cheesy fusion-jazz into a new free fusion between sharp electronics and organic textures, elastic funk and rubber set in an odd shady environment. Is it a big animal playing its nose, a beast, or is it the myth about the ant-eater trying to play its tail?
OAR001-B, is it the bees humming about their life by the concrete factory? Or is it about the people living under acid rain singin their story? Or is it just diary notes from OA’s everyday life..?

Photo from
OAR001-A 12" EP Art work

Words taken from
Oni Ayhun's website


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Petruz said...

And I broke the last pair of working headphones I had by accident last night. Fuck.