A loud discordant confused noise

' ''Din of Celestial Birds'' is a short film created by Q6, an evolving collective of philosophers and artists. The film begins with the phrase "hello and welcome ... do not be afraid ... be comforted ... remember ... our origin..." and proceeds to depict the first violent formation of matter from nothingness. Then, after a hyper-accelerated trip through the evolution of life and the earth, the film culminates in the birth of a embryonic pseudo-humanoid that reaches to some unknown source. '

''It comes out of an intense desire to hold nothing back''

The second film ( sadly not feature length) in the none existent trilogy that began with  ' Begotten.'

Quote By E. ELIAS MERHIGE And A Still From his film
'Din of Celestial Birds'

Storyline Described By DAVID WEXLER 
Designer/Cinematographer/Composer Of The Film

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