The use of black, this simplicity not so simple, is one of a cluster of renunciations made by painters in the period 1947-1953. By cutting down the number of colours, painters were able to increase their speed without loosing their control. Black, in large areas tends to read as a flat area, more so than other colours, and it has, when used in linear forms, an ineradicable connection with message-making, either writing or drawing. Thus, black was at the center of the widespread post-war desire to invest abstract art with a momentous object or, to put it the other way round, to have an expressive art not slowed down by the need to represent objects…Once drawings ceased to function as steps in an accent towards a finished painting, the equal status of sketch and painting had to follow. The extension of an aesthetics of the auto-graphic mark has destroyed the traditional idea of finish. Formality can no longer be achieved by working towards an agreed-on point of complexity. On the contrary, it is hard for the artist, and the spectator, to be sure now when a work of art is finished.  

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