'I am concerned with the fragility and transience of being. By exploring temporality and our futile attempts to define ourselves, i am highlighting the impermanence of life and the ephemerality of being that exists in the cyclical nature of life.

For an infinitely small period of time, there exists a moment of absolute suspension, when an object thrown is neither rising nor falling, but totally still. It paradoxically exists in a moment that is independent of time, yet relies on the passing of time to be reached. My photographs transcend this moment between time, to create structures that are both immobile and free.
The tension and tranquillity constructed between the sheet, thread and background induces an energy that exists in a fragile and intricate balance of absolute strength and total vulnerability.
The photographs address questions of individual being, relationships and consequences of decisions over time. Ultimately, allowing the viewer to meditate on the delicacy, vulnerability and the fragility of being.

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