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Rapture : Sexual communication is an essential human characteristic, and is fundamental to both physical and emotional existence. Conventional reproduction unites parts of the male and female into a single organism of the child. This process continues with each parent bestowing a number of beliefs and ideas into their creation, which will form the basis of the child's contemplative reality. These are derivations of culture, both shared and individual, and the child is to greatest degree a sum of these parts. In an ideal world, even beliefs that conflict, will ultimately reconcile within the reproduced form.

  However, a culture convoluted by widespread petroleum fetishism, will be marked by it's reliance on plasticity. It will content itself with forms that serve only to placate man's need for human interaction and communication. In the most crowded industrial communities, where the sun is dimmed by unbreathable air, people are more prone to stay inside than go out to see each other. And inside, plasticity can do nothing but breed itself. Identical figures share in their best and worst traits; apparent communication is only selfish pantomime. They are drawn together from a compulsion lacking purpose.


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